What People Say About Her Work

I (was) shown a way, rather than told how. Her support and feedback have been invaluable in assisting me to develop integrity ... My friendships, love relationships and work experiences have all blossomed as a result.

                                                                                                                - Ted   Web Optimization, CD Therapist

  I was going through periods when I didn't feel connected to myself. I was trying to get clarity about  myself in relationship and reevaluate things ... The rich input from Janette draws on literature,  mythology, movies and life experience. Her spontaneity, passion, personal sharing, intuition and  willingness to "cut through the bullshit" were important for me. She strikes a balance between  caring  and pushing and has obviously done lifelong work on herself. Also useful was her willingness,  and (her) comfort about "not knowing."

                                                                                                                     - Teresa  Director, Water Conservation

What struck me most about Janette was her willingness to stay on the same playing field ... My take on this was she was saying, "Well, look, you have come to me to help you with your stuckness at this time in your life because I have advertised myself as a 'healer'; ...you will be able to learn how to heal yourself." So the time was collaborative, the style that works best for me in life. Most useful for me was (Janette's) ability to be intuitively present to the moment and respond with the right word or phrase.

                   - Rick  Projects Manager, Cancer Research

It is unique, the way Janette is able to stay with the thread that promotes the client's rapid growth. I would liken this to a good massage therapist who intuitively knows just where and how to touch. She can do this individually or with a group of seven or eight people, which totally amazes me. She works magic with a group, creating a safe and supportive place so that everyone is able to move at their own speed  and all participate in each other's healing. She helped me nourish a fragile seed (my "true" self) that is still growing ... 

                           -  Sara  Director, Information Technology Applications

          Janette ... is committed to her own self work. The fluidness of her style was great for the time in my life where
          many life changes were taking place: partnering, motherhood, a new career &
business, and  choosing a new
          environment for my family. 

                                                                       - Andrea  Director, County Health / Nurse Practitioner - Homeopath           

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