Washington-licensed psychotherapist  With a 30-year Seattle practice, Janette's 
 focus has
 been personal empowerment & human development counseling. She offers
 individual or couples counseling, looking at relational & role issues; and she offers
consultation to optimize job satisfaction. 
                                                       Marriage/Family Therapist license: LF00001173)

 Professional Associations / Honors / Other Licenses

 Current Clinical Member, American Counseling Association (since 1973)
Current Clinical Member, International Association of Marriage and Family Counselors (since 1995)
 Past Clinical Member, American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (10 years) 
 Listing, Who's Who in the West, in Education and Counseling 


 Simply, each of us is expert on our selves. Counseling, therapy or coaching basically provides a skilled, objective,   outside person to catalyze our energy, sharpen our awareness and help build the confidence we need for dealing with
 concerns we face. I use a well-researched, evidence-based method, also adopted by Group Health & WA Family Services.  

  Issues commonly addressed
   Problem Focus:  
Couples or family issues                    Enrichment:   Work satisfaction
  Anxiety*                                                                     Family communication
                                 Loss, grief & change                                                  Life purpose
   Exhaustion/Depression*                                             Deeper life connections*

 *The Gestalt "here & now" --where we are able to be attentive, listen well, and be real--is an important aspect of   successful therapeutic work, increasing expressiveness and genuineness. These benefits drawn from a candid therapy 
 or coaching process, lead to 
richer connection with ourselves, and others; and during sessions, they can jumpstart 
 good thinking for 
successful solutions to complex concerns.                                                            return


  • Private sessions for Seattle individuals, couples & families since 1984
  • Public presentations, classes & workshops, including course design for UW continuing education programs
    • Experimental College, "Transforming Personal History," on personal development through family work; and "Intuiting the Dream" & "DreamWise," on group-generated dream interpretation
    • UW Women's Center, "Our Stories", a workshop for sharing personal stories 
    • UW Continuing Ed, "Life/Death Paradox", on love, loss & change (adapted by Dr. Ben-Joshua Jaffee for the UW School of Social Work)
  • Contining Ed with an experiential, dynamic format (University of WA's 'Spectrum' & UW Women's Center)
  • Lecture on the art of Sulamith Wulfing (UU Church, Bellevue, WA)
  • Port Townsend Dream Retreats, since 1985
  • Women's Dream Group (since 1985)
  • Supervision, masters level psychology interns in individual and marriage/family work (Pepperdine University)
  • Individual & Family Services (individual, group & couples work in community mental health & private settings)
  • Participant in dream therapy with both a Jungian analyst and a Jungian-based Feminist therapist (7 years)


  Masters Degree, Counseling & Education (Missouri University)
  Professional Internship, Marriage and Family Therapy (eighteen-month, observed one-way-mirror-therapy training, Family              Systems, Dr. Ramone Corrales)                                                                                                                        

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