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Good communication is an art we can learn. Our ability to tell someone we love or work with what we feel or think, and what we want will determine how satisfying our connection is to the person; it will also affect how that person experience us.

Some things are easy to say, and are just as important as challenging, difficult-to-word expression. For example, giving compliments or telling others what we like. There is no comparison, being around someone who tells us good news and someone who never does. The importance of this simple communication cannot be underestimated in improving and maintaining healthy relationship.

Difficult communication, things like revealing sadness, jealousy, anger, or some other less flattering emotion is also important to master. It can be done without "going negative"; and, because there is no honesty, truth or integrity without the ability to express the bad news, our ability to speak these things, too, is essential. It determines the depth and feelings of trust in any relationship.

Other things that determine our ability to be artful in communicating our thoughts or feelings effectively depend on how we operate with friends, family & ourselves. They include:

Work with Self
Work with Others

"Integrity is telling myself the truth. And honesty is telling the truth to other people." -Spencer Johnson, motivational author